Organic Wine

Why organic wine and what is the difference?

We believe that organic wine is the best wine in the world; as well as being responsibly sourced and produced it comes with a variety of health and taste benefits. By choosing locally produced organic wine you are supporting local farms, reducing c02 emissions and food miles as well as enjoying the true taste of home!

Benefits of organic wine:

  • There are no harsh chemicals or pesticides used in the growing of the grapes and so none make it into the wine. This avoids the needless destruction of many animal’s habitats allowing wildlife to thrive naturally.
  • Organic wines do not add sulphites which are salts or sulphuric acids used as a preservative in wine. The less sulphites a wine contains the healthier it will be for your body.
  • Leaving grapes to grow naturally allows them to develop a bolder and brighter flavour making for a better wine.
  • Organic farmers emphasise the use of renewable resources as well as the conservation of soil and water to ensure protection of land for future generations.

Drinking wine in moderation has been proven to reduce your chances of heart disease as well as having many other health benefits. It is important, therefore, to choose the very best wine for you; organic wine provides you with all the health benefits traditional wines allow but without the addition of harmful pesticides, chemicals and preservatives.