Our Wines

Our 1.5 acre vineyard with 12,000 number of vines grows 4 different types of grape. Our current grape varieties are Regent and Rhondo (red varieties) and Solaris and Phoenix (white varieties). Our organic grapes produce the finest local wines which are distinct due to the unique combination of weather conditions in the Midlands and the farms rich soil.

Our organic wines:

White, 2011, Phoenix, Silver Medal winner, 11%

Summary: Bright, pale lemon in colour with a slight pettiance (fine bubbles).  Aromas of zesty lemon, pear, custard apples and a hint of green apple.  On the palate there is more of these fruits but also with lemon sherbets, grapefruit, lime and a hint of melon.  Lingering flavours remind you of a sunny summer afternoon.

White, Solaris, 2013.

Summary: Clear and bright, pale lemon in colour. On the nose there are pronounced aromas of pear drops and sherry aromas.  On the palate you find flavours of pear drops, gooseberry, lemon and toffee, again with some sherry flavours – quite like a fino sherry.  Would be lovely with almnda, olives and all Spanish cuisine (especially tapas).

Rose, Rondo & Regent, 11%

Summary: Clear and bright, pale salmon in colour. Lovely aromas of red fruits, raspberry, red cherry and a hint of spice. On the palate there are more flavours of red fruits but with added cranberry and yummy strawberry cream sweets.  Just perfect for a picnic!

Red, Rondo, 2013, 9.5%, Silver medal winner.

Summary: Pale purple in colour, with aromas of red fruits, red cherry, strawberry, raspberry and bubblegum. The wine is light bodied with flavours of red fruit, red cherry and raspberry sherbets, with a hint of sweet spice. A lovely light and fun lunch time wine.

Red, Rondo & Regent, 2009, 12%, Bronze medal winner.

Summary: Deep purple with aromas of black fruits, black cherry, blackberry, blueberry, jammy stewed fruit and herbs.  The wine is full bodied with earthy flavours of blackberry, black cherry, liquorice and cloves.  Great with a hearty casserole or cheese board.

Retail Prices

White, 2011, Phoenix, Silver Medal winner, 11%   £6.90
White, Solaris, 2013. £6.40
Rose, Rondo & Regent, 11%     £6.40
Red, Rondo, 2013, 9.5%, Silver medal winner.  £6.90
Red, Rondo & Regent, 2009, 12%, Bronze medal winner. £6.70