Veg Boxes

Get one of our organic vegetable and fruit boxes with optional organic bread and Chevelswarde Wine.

We’ve been running the box scheme since 1994, sourcing items from our own land and other local producers, available in three sizes.


We deliver to depos in Rugby, Leicester and Market Harborough.

Agents collect the order and money for the following week and hand them on to us, but if you’d like to join the scheme please contact us directly.


Each box usually has 7 different veg plus 1 fruit, if you’d like a replacement to any of the items please let us know.

Most people use potatoes, carrots and onions every week so these are always included but the others change.

Organic bread and Chevelswarde wine can be ordered with the boxes.


Veg Small – £8.90

Veg Standard – £11.40

Veg Bumper – £15.90

Fruit Standard – £11.40

Fruit Large – £12.60